The Facial Aesthetics Mentoring Programme

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The 4 Steps to Success with FAM

With the Facial Aesthetics Mentoring (FAM) Programme, you gain exclusive access to 30 years of clinical and business experience directly from award-winning nurse prescriber Julie Scott. Julie is known for her personal touch, both in-clinic and in the aesthetics industry. As a FAM mentee, you will gain an unparalleled level of personal support and industry insight which is priceless in an overly saturated market. Through this programme, Julie will help you avoid the pitfalls of being on your own in a challenging industry – therefore saving precious time and resources otherwise wasted on the wrong avenues.

One-to-one meetings

In person or via Zoom, our bespoke mentoring programme includes a monthly one-to-one session with Julie, providing you exclusive, direct access to Julie’s 30 years clinical and business experience – an invaluable lifeline for burning clinical questions, accountability reaching your business goals, and more.

hand-picked Community

With only six mentees carefully selected for each FAM cohort, this programme comes with built-in support of colleagues who are at a similar stage of development to you. Via WhatsApp and Facebook groups, you will have access to peer support for anything from complications to marketing and beyond.

In-clinic shadowing

With two tailored in-clinic days shadowing Julie at her award-winning clinic in Essex, you will have the chance to observe at close hand the procedures you would like to grow your confidence in. Each day consists of two mentees shadowing Julie as she treats a minimum of 6 patients.

e-learning library

An supplemental online library of written resources, video tutorials, and tailored exercises will be available to FAM Programme mentees for an extended length of time, meaning growth can happen on your own timeline, from your own home or clinic, and at your own pace.

"I love Julie's personable approach and her knowledge is second to none. Because I found her such an inspirational character, I asked her to mentor me. Since then, Julie's mentoring has changed my life."

– Laura Buggy, FAM Mentee 2022

 How Facial Aesthetics Mentoring Fosters Your Success

Perhaps you simply need to expand your current practices and find new ways, new tools to improve your craft and your business. With an in-depth, one-on-one approach, and specific stages of progression and development, I will work side by side with you, finding the safest and most effective way to create the desired results and your ideal practice.

Personalised Clinical Support

Botulinum toxin
Dermal fillers
Skin boosters
Facial anatomy
Bespoke treatment planning
Patient journey
Complications management
Building clinical confidence
Cosmeceutical skincare

Business Consulting

Social media
Business planning
Team building
Customised support
Technology implementation
Competitor analysis

One to One Mentoring

Virtual support
In-person support
Individual training
In-clinic shadowing
Phone & email support
Bespoke mentoring plans
Understanding your worth
Working with your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you require further information relating to the Facial Aesthetics Mentoring Programme

What will I need to invest in this programme?

The FAM Programme is a significant financial and emotional investment, and will require both time and commitment from each mentee. We recommend that only practitioners who are seriously dedicated to growing their practice apply for the programme.

In addition to one hourly meeting a month and two days out of your clinic to shadow across the six months, you will also need to dedicate set time to improving your practice, and the monthly calls will be important for checking in and assessing progress. This program is to give you the tools to facilitate growth – but you will need to pick up the tools and use them!

When does the programme start and when do I need to apply?

Applications for the Spring 2023 mentoring cohort have now closed, and applications for the Autumn 2023 cohort will open in June. Each membership cohort stays in the programme for 6 months, and we take on two cohorts a year. 

Once I apply, what happens and when will I hear from you?

Once we receive your application, Julie will review each submission personally. This process enables us to understand your intentions, your professional ethics and your overall drive for the changes you wish to make. This is our passion, our craft that we’re sharing, and as we will work so closely together, ultimately we need to be in sync with our values. For those applicants who we think will find great success in this programme, we will be in touch to schedule a discovery call, and from there, we can work together to determine whether the FAM Programme is the right fit for you. 

What’s involved in the e-learning and how long will I have access?

The e-learning resource centre will grow as you grow, and members will have online access for the duration of their programme. Beginning with basic resources and expanding along with your practice as the programme progresses, the e-learning includes clinical and business content such as educational videos, presentation recordings, instructional documents, self-led exercises, and customisable spreadsheets. As a special incentive for 2023 mentees, e-learning access will be extended for an additional year, meaning mentees will enjoy access for a total of 18 months.